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La Clinica Feltre è dotata di uno staff altamente qualificato: ciascun professionista, infatti, vanta uno specifico titolo professionale tale da poter gestire al meglio le esigenze di ogni nostro utente.

Il nostro gruppo ha da sempre a cuore la salute, ma anche il benessere del paziente, ed è per questo che siamo quotidianamente alla ricerca di innovazioni tecnologiche, senza mai trascurare però il rapporto interpersonale con il nostro paziente, basato sull'empatia e il rispetto reciproco.

L’introduzione di moderne strumentazioni, come l'impronta digitale e la sedazione con protossido di azoto sono gli altri due punti di forza che caratterizzano la nostra attività clinica quotidiana.

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Clinica Feltre

Clinica Feltre is specialized in the dental sector, and particularly in prosthetic rehabilitation with implants. It is located in Northeast Italy, in the municipality of Feltre, near Belluno, which is one of the main towns in the Veneto region.

The medical and healthcare staff is highly qualified and at the forefront of best practice in the specialty, as well as strongly committed to continuous professional development. The clinic is welcoming and totally sanitised, with latest-generation medical equipment.

The two founding partners, Doctor Peter Andersson and Professor Lars Sennerby, decided to give their structure an international positioning since the beginning. Clinica Feltre is in fact the global location of Neoss Research Centre, where new types of dental implants are studied. In addition, their patients come from every part of Italy and from abroad.

For information, to make an appointment or for any other need, contact us at the following addresses or come and visit us, we are waiting for you...

Viale 14 Agosto 1866, nº 31

Email: info@clinicafeltre.com

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Our strengths

Digital dentistry

Digital dentistry

Greater comfort and control: the digital impression eliminates traditional impression materials, which can cause feelings of suffocation, discomfort and anxiety.


A dental implant is a small titanium screw that is designed to replace the root of one or more natural teeth that have been missing due to various factors.


Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with intercepting and correcting defects in occlusion and dental alignment.